Playing by Crystal Kaswell 📖Review📖

Title: Playing
An Inked Hearts Series Standalone
Author: Crystal Kaswell
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: January 4, 2018


Walker Williams is my f*ck buddy. I get his carefree smile.
I get his inked arms. I get his massive ahem. It’s the perfect
arrangement. The cocky playboy makes me c*me. I hold onto my secrets.
No getting lost in his dark eyes. No melting into his soft embrace. No falling head over heels. We’re playing.
That’s it.
I need to think about his lips on my neck, his hands on my skin, his hard body against mine.
If he unlocks my heart, if he finds out the truth…
There’s no way he’s staying.
*A standalone romance set within the world of Inked Hearts*


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She drops her cup on the table. Looks me in the eyes. Raises her brows. “Something you want to say?”
“You moan like that again and I’m gonna be late for my one o’clock.” Her teeth
sink into her lip. “Here?”
I nod to
the bathroom in the back corner.
A bathroom?”
“You’ve never wanted it that badly?”
She pulls her arm—the now tattooed one—over her chest. Wraps her fingers around
her other arm. “For a guy who doesn’t play games you’re taking your time explaining this.”
I take another sip. “I’ve never done the fuck buddy thing before.”
She cocks
her head to one side. “Really?”
“Is it
that surprising?”
She holds
up her thumb and forefinger in the a
gesture. “Okay. Well. I do like you, Walker. I already know
you’re… skilled.”
My smile
spreads to my ears. “That’s it?”
that you brag?”
was…” She takes a long sip. “It was the best sex I’ve had in a long
time. I’d like to do it again.”
it. We meet up. Do it again.”
“Then?” “Whatever
we want.”
is it this—” She motions to the table and the coffee. “Or is
it—” She puts her hand in the shape of a phone and brings it to her ear.
Hey, Iris, babe, want to come over?
I’ve got an appointment at three, but I can squeeze in a few orgasms.
We do
our thing, then I go home, and I call you the next time I’m in need of
“Like this.” “Sounds like dating.”
I shake my head.
“Okay. We can make that a rule. No dates.”
“A rule?” “Rules are good. They help you outline your boundaries.” I can’t
help but smile.
“Nothing.” “I sound like a shrink, don’t I?”
“It suits you.”
She sticks
her tongue out no thanks. “Fine.
We won’t call them rules. We’ll call them—”
“Call it what it is.”
“Okay. It’s a rule.” She stirs her drink with her straw. “No one else.” I nod. “Of course.”
“And we… we can hang out as friends. But no dates. No roses or moonlit walks on the
beach. No romance.”
“I don’t do romance.”
She must believe me, because she nods. “We can call it off whenever. No questions asked. No explanation required.”
“Sounds fair.”
“Okay. I, um. I’m not sure how you seal this kind of agreement.”
I nod to the bathroom.
She laughs. “Let’s stick with this.” She offers her hand.
I shake. Her eyes go to the clock on the wall. “You’re gonna be late.” “I know.” I pull my cell from my pocket and slide it to her.
She picks
it up, punches in her number, sends a text to herself.
Her phone
buzzes in her backpack.
She hands
my cell back to me.
Walker: Hey, babe, this is Walker, your booty
call. I want some of that sugar, but first I need to brag about how great I was
the other night
Her lips
curl into a smile. “I think I nailed you.”
“I’m flattered.”
She pushes herself to her feet and slings her backpack over her shoulder. “I’ll see you soon, Walker Williams.”
“And I’ll see you soon, Iris—”
“Iris Avery.”

My Review for Playing:

3 1/2-4 stars

So after Tempting (the first book), I was hoping Walker would be a great book and it was going pretty well.

Walker- another tattoo parlor owner, self-described man whore, and friend of Brendon

Iris- college student, finding herself, and 3 months sober

Walker and Iris just meet and decide to be screw buddies. Walker has a history of his sister doing drugs and such and he wants nothing more to do with people that have an addiction. So he has no idea about Iris’s past. But since they are not supposed to have that type of relationship she does not in trust him with that information right away.

Again it seems Crystal likes to bring real life into her books. There is quite a bit of drama in her books. I for one don’t mind a little bit but this is a bit much. Again this story was better than Tempting but I would not do a reread.
I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review.

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My Review for Tempting:

So I wanted to love this book, but it was like reading a soap opera. There is just too much drama.

Kaylee- is under age and in love with Brendon her best friends brother. It is also mentioned that she is on meds and suffers from depression.

Brendon- is older, a tattoo business owner and highly attracted to Kaylee.

When Kaylee has to move into Brendon’s house their relationship gets strained due to their sexual wants. But Brendan and Kaylee have many issues they need to get over including her age.

I just couldn’t get over the constant reminder of how much they want each other but can’t due to whatever reason. There was always a reason. Even in the end, there was a reason Kaylee couldn’t live with him. I mean come on. It was too much like real life for me.

Author Bio


Crystal Kaswell writes scorching hot new adult romance. When she isn’t writing, she is chain drinking tea, binge watching Law and Order, practicing yoga, or debating which fictional character would be the best in bed. She lives in Portland, OR with her husband.Sign up for her mailing list to get exclusive bonuses like deleted and alternate POV scenes:


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