Her Two Doms by Ashe Barker 📖Review📖

Business or Pleasure? She’s on the trip of a lifetime!

Her Two Dom

A sexy, contemporary, menage Romance

by Ashe Barker.

Release Date: April 5, 2018

Buy Link –>> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B4P8Y5L/



They’re not at school now. These are games for grown-ups, and Ellie’s not sure of the rules
They were her heroes, her golden boys. But the two men she’s loved since they were all at school together don’t even recognise her.
A chance encounter on a train threatens to destroy Ellie’s fragile dream. Reunited with the now Duke of Erskine and his best friend, international footballer Declan Stone, she lies yet again to protect herself. But this time she doesn’t get away with it.
They want her, they always did. And there was a time she would have done anything for them. But can the quiet, studious Ellie learn to play grown-up games with two rich and powerful men? Does she dare to? What will Her Two Doms demand of her, and does she want to be sucked into their world again?

 ~~ My Review for Her Two Doms~~

When Ellie runs into the Declan and Iain again on a train Declan and Iain don’t recognize her. It kind of hurts her so she doesn’t say anything until she slips on Iain’s childhood nickname. So when Declan and Iain finally figure it out they are so surprised but happy. So when they continue talking she finds out that they are into some interesting things.

Ellie is more than interested to find out what is going on with Declan and Iain. These three find a great relationship even after having a childhood friendship that didn’t go as planned.

Good story. I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy for my honest review.

“Look at me, Ellie.” Fraze’s tone is quiet but compelling. I have no choice but to obey him. He continues, holding my gaze as he speaks. “We shouldn’t rush this. We won’t. But if you’re nervous about it—and Ellie, we can both see that you are—the sooner we get it over with the better. The first time is always a big deal. Your second time will be easier.”
“S-second time…?”
“Well, assuming you like it, obviously,” says Declan. “But I think you will.”
I swallow again and try to assemble some coherent thoughts. There are questions I need to ask. “Will it…? I mean… I get it, about the spanking and that it has to be on my bare bottom and all that. It’s personal, very intimate…”
“Part of the unique charm of a spanking, I always think,” offers Fraze.
I nod. Baring my backside for them is part of the thrill, I’m honest enough to admit that, if only for my own benefit. I reckon they already know.
“Go on,” Fraze encourages me. He is leaning forward, his elbows on his thighs and his fingers intertwined in front of him.
I have his undivided attention. Beside me, Declan is equally intent.
“It’s just…there are two of you. And earlier, you said something about sharing. About taking turns.”
“Yes,” agreed Declan, “we did.”
“Would one of you watch while the other…?” I grind to a halt, hopelessly out of my depth. I have two degrees and a PhD in clinical research methodology and don’t even know what questions to ask about a simple little spanking.
Declan squeezes my shoulders. “We could do it that way. Or we could both spank you at the same time. That would be our preference.”
“Okay,” I agree. I’m so far out of my comfort zone it hardly matters. “And would it…? I mean, what about sex?”
“What about sex?” Fraze tilts his chin, the glint in his emerald-coloured eyes softening perhaps a fraction.
“Would you expect me to sleep with you? With either of you? Both of you?” There. I’ve said it.
“Expect? No.” Fraze shakes his head. “If you only want the spanking, then it stops there.”
“Are you sure? What about what you want? Both of you?”
Declan is the one who answers. “Yes, we’re sure. It’s what you want that matters, Ellie. We’ve done this plenty of times before. We know how it goes, and you can believe us when we tell you that the fucking is an optional extra.”
“You spank a lot of women?” I shouldn’t feel jealous, but I do.
“Enough,” admits Declan
“Together? Both of you at the same time?”
“Yes, quite often at the same time. It adds to the fun, we find.”
“And…you fuck them, too?” I whisper.
“Yes, if they’re up for it. And before you ask, we like to do that together, too.”
Oh, dear sweet Lord. I should be running screaming from the building but instead I sit there, gazing into Fraze’s mossy eyes while Declan caresses my clavicle and moisture pools in my knickers.
“I think… I mean, perhaps… I’m not sure if…” I have quite lost the power of speech.
Fraze grins at Declan. “Just the spanking for now, I reckon.”

Buy Link –>> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B4P8Y5L/

USA Today Bestselling author Ashe Barker writes erotic romance and spanking romance in a variety of genres including contemporary, BDSM, paranormal, historical. ménage, gay romance and time travel. She is a #1 Amazon Bestseller and all her stories feature hot alpha males and sassy submissives, often with a lot to learn. Kink abounds, and there’s enough dirty talk to satisfy the most demanding smut lover. However dark and dirty the setting, love always emerges triumphant, and her stories never fail to deliver a satisfying happy ever after.

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