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The Daddy Treatment by Ava Sinclair 📕Reviewed📕

The Daddy Treatment from Ava Sinclair.

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You have to be a good girl, Sugar. You can’t just lose your temper. You have to mind me, understand? I’m always watching. I’ll always be here to correct you.” Her litany of “no’s” and “stops” have been replaced by soft, pained sobs as I direct harder spanks on the crest of her buttocks. I pull her against me as I continue to lecture her.

“The results will always be the same when you disobey, Sugar. I’ll always spank you.” I punctuate this with two smacks, one to the center of each cheek. She is kicking her legs; between them I can see the outer lips of her pussy have parted to reveal the inner folds of flesh. My little one is very, very wet. “Are you going to be a my good little girl?” I level two more hard smacks to the already red lower portion of her bottom.

“Yes!” She wails the word and I drop my hand.

“Do you promise?” My palm is resting across the seam of her hot little bottom. “You promise to control your temper?” I squeeze a punished cheek and she whimpers in pain.


“Yes what?” Remember your lesson.

“Yes sir!”

“Good girl.” “And you’ll be honest with your daddy?” Her whole body tenses. Mine does, too. I hold my breath. It’s the first time I’ve referred to myself as a daddy. But that’s what I want to be for her, the daddy figure she never had. I want to be the one Sugar depends on. For everything.

I can’t stop my cock from pressing against her. She has to feel it. There’s no way she can’t. But she’s not moving now. She’s not struggling. “Do you promise to always tell your daddy the truth?” I move my hand lower. My fingers are just grazing the soft swell of her pussy. “Promise me, Sugar.” She emits a strangled sob and nods. I move my hand lower.

“Did the spanking hurt?”

She nods again.

“And this?” I slide one finger across the arousal-slickened folds of her inner flesh. Does this hurt?”

She shudders. “No, sir.”

Oh, god. Her answer has made my cock even harder. But a daddy dom must be patient. He must guide his little one, especially when she’s been so damaged. “How does this feel?” I move my finger to her clit. Her soft thighs clamp down on my hand, resisting, but then soften as she arches towards me. Her hands are clutching my lower leg. She’s moaning. It’s the most beautiful sound in the world. If I’m pushing her limits with my dominance, she’s pushing mine with her sweet submission. If only my sweet little Sugar knew how much control she has over me this moment. I’d give her the world if she asked for it.

“I’m going to touch you deeper, Sugar. Will you trust me?”



I never had a daddy. That’s about to change.

It was desperation that drove me to break the law. When I wake up after sentencing to learn I’ve been forced into an experimental reform program, the last thing I expect is to be regressed back to a time in my life when I was fully dependent and vulnerable.

Dr. Eli Crane is commanding, strict, and uncompromising. While I’m here, he’ll be the daddy I never had. He’ll decide what I wear, when and what I eat. He’ll spank me to tears when I’m bad. I will be his little one, to use and touch as he pleases.

As my handsome guardian breaks down my defenses, I find myself craving not just the vulnerability and even humiliation of his treatment, but trusting a man who seems to know more about me than I know about myself.

But how does he know so much? When the secret of his knowledge is revealed, will it destroy the happiness of finally having the daddy figure I’ve always wanted.




 The Daddy Treatment is the second story of age play I have read of hers and I have to say that I do enjoy them. They take me out of my comfort zone and let me read something I do not usually read. Ava doesn’t overplay it too much and lets you enjoy what it would be like between a DD/Lg.

This one is between Sugar and Eli is pretty good. Sugar fights Eli with everything she has. But while Eli walks her through her childhood with the nickname and stuffed animals she starts softening up to him. It is an interesting thing to watch.

Variety is the spice of life and Ava Sinclair writes a little something for everyone, from dark romance to menage to kinky AF age play. But the one thing that is consistent in her books are strong storylines, alpha males, and strong women whose hearts and bodies aren’t given up without a fight.

Ava lives in southern Virginia, where she enjoys hoarding books, hiking, running, spoiling her cats, and spending time with her Eurasian eagle owl, Lucius.

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Series: Sugar County Boys by Madison Faye Includes Bucking Bronco, Long Hard Truckers 📕Reviewed📕

Title: Bucking Bronco
Series: Sugar County Boys #1
Author: Madison Faye
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 6, 2018
Big hat, big gun. Long, thick…rope. The biggest stud on the stallion ranch has his eyes on one lucky lady,
And if she wants to save a horse? Well, he’s got more “cowboy” than she’s ever ridden before. Rough, wild, and ready to buck all night.
I never needed much after I left my rodeo circuit days behind. Just me, my land, my horses, and my peace and fucking quiet.
But that’s before she comes crashing into my world like a wild filly.
Prettier than a country rose and fiercer than Kentucky moonshine. I’ve got her tied up good and tight after I mistake her for a horse thief. But one look at those big dark eyes, those legs that won’t quit, and those soft curves that beg to be held, and I’m not sure I’ll ever let her go.
I know I should stay away from a tempting, teasing little city girl like Tara Stokes. I know she works for the family on the other side of a blood feud from mine. But I also know one taste of those pouty lips and all I want to do is make her mine.
This little spitfire needs taming. Lucky for her, she’s shacked up with the biggest cowboy in Sugar County.
Cause country boys do it better. Country boys do it harder. And country boys can go all night log.
Tara might not know that yet.
…Oh, but she’s gonna.

So I am a little on the 4 and 5-star fence here. I enjoyed the story and I enjoyed the characters BUT I feel like everything was rushed. I feel like there could have been so much more to this story if there was more to it. So that is why I am having a problem with this story.

Tara and Colton don’t have the best of meetings at the beginning. Tara is trapped by one of Colton’s traps and is caught by Colton. So when he takes her to his home- by force, things don’t go well. But when Colton finds out who she is working for things go downhill even faster.

Tara just wants to do her job and get off Colton’s land. She had no idea that he would have traps on his property. She also didn’t know he would pull on a gun on her. But when he finds out what she is doing on his property he doesn’t take to kindly of her being there.

The chemistry is wonderful between these two. The story is a mystery that keeps you guessing. And I enjoy Colton’s mysterious family members. But again everything ended very quickly and that kind of sucked for me.

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Title: Long Hard Truckers
Series: Sugar County Boys #2
Author: Madison Faye
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 13, 2018


Eighteen wheels, four rough hands, and two
This two hard-driving, filthy-talking truckers are ready
to ride all night.
And one sassy sorority girl is about to find out they’ve
got more than just a big rig for her to ride…
The two of us? We’ve seen our share of hell. But after we left the Marines, all we wanted was our big rig truck, our own rules, and the freedom of the open road.
But when we see her – a pretty little thing in daisy dukes and cowgirl boots at the roughest truck stop around, there ain’t no way we’re not stepping in when trouble comes knocking.
Blonde, blue-eyed, and oozing innocence and temptation. Sierra McCree come’s crashing into our world with trouble on her heels. She’s more than we ever bargained for – and
more than we ever thought two roughnecks like us would ever find. And once we’ve got the teasing little sorority girl on our rig, she’s gonna be in it for the longhaul.
Two big hard men like us should stay away from a flirty little tease like Sierra. Especially with the truck full of contraband we’re hauling for some very not nice people. But one teasing glimpse of her soft curves, and one taste of that bratty mouth, and we’re both addicted – obsessed, and driven to make her ours.
Cause the two of us? Well we share everything. Including her.
And out here?
Well, it’s not just the road that’s long and hard.


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In this second book of the Sugar County Boys series, we meet Tucker and Walker. And man do we fall in love with them. These guys are long haulers for the bad guy Lawson in Sugar County. They do have morals though and won’t do the horrible hauls like women and hardcore drugs. But guns and weed they are all for. Go figure. So when they stop to get some food and see a woman that is about to get hurt by other men they step in. Little did they know they are asking for trouble by another rival crew.

Poor Sierra is in a crappy way. She really needs new friends. So when she is stranded with no one to help her, she doesn’t expect two really hot truckers to show up and beat the crap out of some men trying to hurt her.

When these three get together it is a wonderful story. I enjoyed this one very much and we get some great action in the end also. I am excited to see where the next one takes us

Author Bio
#1 bestselling contemporary romance author Madison Faye is
the dirty alter ego of the very wholesome, very normal suburban housewife behind the stories. While she might be a wife, mom, and PTA organizer on the outside, there’s nothing but hot, steamy, and raunchy fantasies brewing right beneath the surface!

Tired of keeping them hidden inside or only having them come out in the bedroom, they’re all here in the form of some wickedly hot stories. Single-minded alpha hero, sinfully taboo relationships, and wildly over-the-top scenarios. If you love it extra dirty, extra hot, and extra naughty, this is the place for you! (Just don’t tell the other PTA members you saw her here…)

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All I Wanna Do by Kristine Dugger📕Review📕

Title: All I Wanna Do 
Author: Kristine Dugger 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Models: Jonny James and Amanda Joan
Photographer: Wander Aguiar


One night is it took. One night of letting it all go.
Her going outside her comfort zone. Going for the bad boy.
Him leaving the country. Enjoying one last taste of American beauty
Both of them leaving lasting imprint.
His was just a memory.
Hers was a little more permanent.
What happens when that memory comes face to face with his own eyes.
Is it fate?
You tell me.
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REVIEW  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

For my first Kristine Dugger book, I have to say I was impressed. It has everything you could really ask for. A little bit of emotion, wonderful sex, a conflict, and a great love story.

James and Hayden meet and have a great night together. Five years later on an off chance, they see each other again and James is thrown for a loop when he sees his eyes in a little four year old running around calling Hayden mommy. Now that he knows he has a son out there, he will do anything he can to make sure that he is in his life.

This is a sweet and sexy story. I am excited to see Ajex’s story.

Kristine Dugger is an upcoming contemporary romance novelist. She resides in Papillion, NE. Writing has always been a passion of hers. Kristine has a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Health Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is a Dietitian by day, Writer by night, Always a Mom. Kristine has been known to be a straight up goofball. She has a dirty mind and loves to laugh. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two very beautiful daughters, reading, listening to music, CrossFit, and playing/watching sports.
Fun things about Kris….
I am a Nutrition Nerd
Played Competitive slow pitch softball for 8 years
Diehard Nebraska Cornhusker and Kansas City Royals Fan