Criminal by Jane Henry & Loki Renard📕Reviewed📕


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He’s everything I hate. And he’s going to break me.

I thought I could take the law into my hands. I was wrong.

When I trespassed in the territory of the FBI’s most wanted, I thought I’d earn respect, maybe even a promotion. Instead, I was caught.

He’s going to strip me of everything — my clothes, my pride, my limits. He’s going to make me endure shameful punishment and worse than that, pleasure.

I can’t help myself.

I’m falling in love with a monster.

Everything about him is just plain… criminal.


I could not put this story down. Jane and Loki bring you into the world of criminals and FBI agents. When Sonya is caught in a very bad situation she is taken hostage by a man that does not make her life easy at all.

Colt is that man that take Sonya in his care. He locks her in a basement and makes her his prisoner. But what happens in that basement may change both Colt and Sonya’s future forever.

I loved this story, and hope these two authors come together again for another hot and intense story.



He plays by no one’s rules but his own, and I fucking love it.

I took my life in my hands by putting myself at Colt’s mercy. He could have been a monster. He could have raped me. Killed me. And I walked right into his lair and told myself I was brave. But now? Now, this is a choice I make. I could tell them no, that they’re not going to humiliate me like this. I can retain my pride, walk away from this job and do something…normal. I could play by the rules.

And feel the fire within me ebb away a little every day. Say good-bye to my dreams. And…never know what it’s like to be punished over my man’s knees in front of another man.

My intellect is horrified.

My body thrums with the need to say fuck politically correct.

And isn’t that brave? Women have fought for years to retain their dignity, their autonomy. And this is my choice. I could walk away from this now and know I caved and did what I was supposed to instead of what I craved. And holy hell, do I want back on the force.

Colt stands, his eyes locked on mine. He shrugs out of his dress coat. The only sounds in the room are the silky glide of fabric as he takes his coat off, mingled with my heavy breathing. I glance at Rico. His gaze is dispassionate, his lips tucked in a firm, stern line. This man holds my future in his hands. My dreams. He’s giving me one last chance, and I’m not going to fuck this up. Then the sound of a belt clasp gets my attention, and my eyes fly back to Colt. One sharp tug, and the belt slithers ominously through the loops.

I stop breathing. I’m frozen in place, watching Colt coil the belt before he lays it on the floor. His eyes still on me, he deliberately unfastens his sleeve and rolls it up, revealing his strong, muscled forearm. When both sleeves are rolled up, a silent declaration that he has a job to do and that job is punishing my ass, he picks up the belt. I watch him fist the buckle and wrap the leather around his hand, leaving a short, sturdy leather strap. With his free hand, he grabs the back of a chair, and the legs scrape along the floor. He folds his huge, powerful frame onto the chair, his eyes locked on mine, and wordlessly points to his knee. I swallow, willing myself to breathe. To let this go.

To trust him.

He will not force me across his knee but wants me to put myself there. To prove to Rico that I’m doing this of my own volition. That I can handle this stab to my pride and submit myself to authority.

Can I?


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