Duet: Dark Romance Duet by Linnea May 📕Reviewed📕

Author: Linnea May
Book 1: Lost Petal
Book 2: Fallen Petal
Book 1: Lost Petal
Book 2: Fallen Petal

About Lost Petal:
My name is Petal.
That’s all I know.
He says it’s all I need to know.
I don’t know who I am or why I’m here.
All I know is that I’m his.
His prisoner, his toy, his piece of art – an empty canvas. Body and mind.
With every hit, every touch, every word uttered in the dark, he paints me just the way he wants – always leaving me wanting more.
Pain meets pleasure with fiery kisses as he molds me into the person he says I’m supposed to be.
But who is that person? And who was I before him?
Every stroke of his hand brings me closer to the truth.
But when the daunting veil of mystery is finally lifted, it only gives rise to more questions – and more dark secrets between us.

This book is a little on the weird side. It is dark, strange, dirty, and just so freaking awesome that I could not put it down. Even to the very last word I had no idea what was going on with these characters or why what was happening was happening.

Petal is just a girl. She is a girl locked away in a room with a man named J that has taken away her memory. She has no idea about anything from her past. For what purpose we have no idea. We know J is someone from her past. That is it. We know we want more! I know that even though there is not A LOT of information there is just enough to wet your whistle and to keep you going.

I have read every one of Linnea’s books and have loved everyone for a different reason. This one is exciting and different. This book she brings a different twist to everything and I loved it. Can’t wait for the next one!

About Fallen Petal:
He’s not the only person I should be afraid of.
Someone wants me to enjoy this twisted ordeal.
I’m supposed to have faith in him. To feel safe.
To grow.
To blossom.
But how can I trust this voice from the past?
How can I trust him when he denies answers to all of my questions?
Why does he hurt me like this?
And why does it feel so unbelievably good when he does?
I’m addicted to his touch, and scared of the sinister mystery between us.
Nothing will change if I don’t grasp at the shred of power he’s willing to relinquish.
An advantage was given to me—and I better make good use of it.

I could NOT wait for Fallen Petal to come out. The first book gave us so much to go with on questions but very little answers to anything. The main one being why is this happening to Petal. And what was she looking at at the very end of book 1.

We get all those answers and more so much more. J is Petal’s protector even when he doesn’t seem like it. Petal needs this to work even if she doesn’t know it. But sometimes things don’t always work out for the best.

This conclusion is awesome! If you are looking for a dark, sexy, hot, mysterious story this is the duet for you

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