Contact/Review Policy

Here is one of the ways to get a hold of me. As I am a wife and mother to the 4 legged kind (haha) I do get busy at times. If you would like me to review for you please feel free to contact me on here. But here is somethings you should know.

  • I am part of some Author groups and Promo groups and these books and deadlines come first.
  • I read all types of Romance by all types of authors. If you feel you fall into this category feel free to contact me.
  • My reviews are my own. I USUALLY only go down to 3 stars for it to be on the bad side for me. I have however given lower for some books. These books are the ones I can not make myself finish. So be warned.
  • My reviews will be posted as soon as I am done, on Amazon, Twitter, Goodreads, my Facebook Page, and on here. If there is somewhere else you need it to go please let me know.
  • I read off Mobi so sending anything will be that way.

Please feel free to contact me on here or on any other social media sites if these requirements are okay with you.