Title: Caught
Author: Lolita London
Reading Source: ARCFORME/ARC
Star Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

About this Book:

A Lonely Doctor

His treatment for female hysteria calms his patients, and heats Dr. Thomas Winterbourne’s blood like nothing else. Unwed, and desperately lonely, he’s rejected the idea of marriage due to his singular desires.

A Thief

Jenny Marks feels no pity for the wealthy doctor who has more comfort than she has ever found in her nineteen years. She takes a job as his maid, intending on taking anything of value from him and any other upper class people that she can.


When Dr. Winterbourne finds her pilfering his mother’s jewels, he decides upon punishing her in the most scandalous of manners, unknowingly tying their fate together.


This is my first Lolita London book and I really enjoyed it. I enjoy historical romances and although this one wasn’t huge on the inaccuracies it still had a great story line and wonderful characters! I would recommend this story to anyone that enjoys this time period for a romance. I am voluntarily reviewing based on an ARC copy that was provided for free.


Series: Revenge
Author: Brandy Golden
Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

About Revenge of the Pirate Twins

Twin sisters, Frankie and Kat, are willful, undisciplined, highly skilled in weapons, and fiercely determined to find the infamous master of the black pirate ship called the Nemesis. Jacques LaSalle, the owner of that ship, is the blackguard who attacked their father’s merchant vessel, killing their father and abducting their mother. First, they will find out what happened to their mother, and then he will be at their mercy.

Jacques LaSalle is intrigued and amused when he hears that a beautiful raven-haired woman has been scouring the Caribbean for him and intends to challenge him. No one has ever bested Jacques in a fight, but he soon finds that Frankie is much more of a challenge than he thought. He intends to claim her for his own – if she’ll stop trying to kill him long enough for him to do that.

Morgan MacAlister is the pirate governor of the new colony, the Pirates’ Hideaway, and his gut instinct tells him that trouble is coming to his island paradise. When the mighty Aphrodite sails into his harbor carrying a set of twin sisters, the gorgeous redheaded sprite of the duo sets his senses on fire.
It’s a hot time on the high seas when the two arrogant men figure out that the twins have the power to rock their worlds. But the girls’ haughty attitude and lack of respect may well earn them some much-needed discipline before all is said and done.


My first Brandy Golden story and it wasn’t bad. I grew up on historical romance and usually enjoy them, this one is no different. It is a believable story and the characters are great. Francesca and Katherine Fontaine are in for the adventure of a lifetime. I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy for my honest review.

 Title: Midnight Hunter
Author: Brianna Hale
Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

About Midnight Hunter

He’s hunting me, and there’s nowhere to run.

East Berlin, 1963. I thought I understood the consequences of trying to flee to the West. Death. Imprisonment without trial. Instead, I’m being hunted by the most dangerous man in the city, secret police officer Reinhardt Volker.

Now I’m his prize, no longer a traitorous factory girl but his elegant and pampered secretary. He wants to possess me, body, soul – and heart. I’ll do anything to get away from him, but first that means getting closer.

I want to feel only hatred for my captor but beneath his uniform, I discover a man with a past as scarred as Berlin’s.

And if I don’t escape him soon it will be too late.

A full-length dark romance by Brianna Hale


So this book took me out of my comfort zone with it being something I don’t normally read. This is a history(ish) kind of book. There is a lot of information when it comes to the German Wall, West, and East Germany. But while the aftermath of the Nazi’s and the war is going on some of the people on the east are trying to get over to the west. That is where our characters meet.

Reinhardt Volker is a high-ranking officer for the secret service of the east and he has done unimaginable things but he believes in what he does for himself, not for the government. But there are things he does in secret to vindicate himself that no one knows about.
When he meets Evony he finds his Valkyrie. The one person in his life that he will never let go. So he has her become his secretary and lives with him.

“If you ever get away from me, I will tear West Berlin apart looking for you. Nothing short of death would keep me from coming for you.”

The back and forth between these two is so heartbreaking for them both. The emotion is gut-wrenching that I could not put this book down. But the faith in each other also tears at your heartstrings. When they both have to option to leave each other they still stick together. That is the love you want in a love story.

I wanted to read this book just by the synopsis, but once I got into it, this is a book that will draw you in and not let go. A must read of 2018!
I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review

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