New Age/College 2

Title: Her Prince’s Secret Baby
Author: Ilsa Ames
Star Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

About Her Prince’s Secret Baby

There’s really only one rule: don’t f**k the nanny.
I’m a wealthy, powerful heir to a throne. She’s my strictly off limits employee.
I want her saying “yes, your highness.”
What I get instead is “the baby’s yours”.
“Love” left me broken and shattered once. But it also left me with my little girl, Livia.
All I need is a nanny to watch her. But what I get with Cara is an obsession – an addiction to the last girl in the world I should have anything to do with.
I’m her boss. A prince. Heir to a throne and a kingdom. But temptation is the sweetest sin, and Cara’s gorgeous, soft curves and fiery sass are breaking the last of my willpower.
But there’s a secret she’s not telling me – a scandal that could bring my kingdom to its knees. A secret that’s growing between us…
Can I risk it all for love? Will I give up my billions and my kingdom for a taste of the forbidden fruit?
…What about for the mother of my unborn child?
I take it back, there are two rules. And the second rule is don’t fall for the nanny.


So I gave this book 4 stars, why? because I did enjoy the story. Yes, there are some things I did not like, Andrej is high handed, thinks only of himself, and spends very little time with his daughter. BUT if you think about it, that is how many rich and famous people come across. They let their staff take care of the children. But when it comes to relationships Andrej is one-sided. It is just the way he is. But when his parents get involved he finally sees how he is acting. Too bad it isn’t until the endish of the book.

On the other side is Cara. She is nurturing and caring. She loves Livia and gives lots of attention to this little girl. But when she is not spending time with her she is with Andrej. When she finds out she is pregnant I totally understand where she is coming from. I am pretty sure most woman would do the same thing. Andrej treats her like she is just there for his fun and nothing more.

So, in the end, I took a star away due to Andrej and his disconnect from his family and how he acted. He does redeem himself in the end, but it was not long lived in the book.

51qh7IXr5lL._SY346_Title: Owned by the Soldier Prince
Author: Devon Birchley
Reading Source: HIDDEN GEMS/ARC
Star Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

About Owned by the Soldier Prince
Dead inside.
Royal Prince. Ex-soldier.

Fighting for my country, risking my life was the only thing that ever mattered to me.
But that all got destroyed. Now I’m back in my palace again. The most eligible bachelor of the entire Royal House. From ex-soldier to f*cking show pony.
My refuge? The scores of willing subs, ready to satisfy my every need.
Then I meet Blair:
Smart, beautiful, irreverent. And not from this world.
She makes me feel like a normal guy. She makes me come alive.
And when she submits, it’s the most f*cking beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
Then she discovers my secrets, and has no idea how much danger she’s in.
The only way to keep her safe is under lock and key. But she’s nobody’s pet.
Suddenly I want to shatter it all. To hell with what my family thinks, I’m going to make this cinderella mine.
And this time I’m not stopping until the battle’s won, and she’s princess of my castle.


This is my first Devon Birchley book and I really liked it. It is hot and steamy with a really well-written story. If you have a chance to read this book differently do it! I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for Hidden Gems for my honest review.



Series: Empire Sin
Author: Isabella Starling
Reading Source: ARC/BOUGHT
Book 1: Wrath
Book 2 Envy
Book 1: Wrath
Book 2: Envy

About Wrath

Bad daddies come to good girls who wait…
I want my vengeance.
I want him to feel my WRATH.
I don’t want to fall for him. I don’t want to love a killer.
An inked, handsome as sin monster in an expensive suit.
He ruined my childhood.
He’s the reason my family fell apart.
He just bought me and took my virginity in front of my stepfather…
He wants me to be perfect little girl for him.
I know this won’t last forever.
But there are only two ways for it to end.
Either I go through with my plan, and ruin Carter Knight…
Or he gets what he wants instead.
Me on my knees, with ‘daddy’ on my lips…



Hell ya! Must read!!

What a way to start off a new series. Isabella came out swinging with this book.
Carter is a hot daddy, that I’m sure every girl would want. Even with his past and family issues he is in control of his pet. But that is probably why he has such control with his pet.
Evangeline is on a mission of vengeance. But sometimes best laid plans go out the door.
Hot daddy play so don’t read if you don’t like that theme.

About Envy:

Let love kill you, babydoll.
I will never forgive my sister.
She took everything I deserved.
But now Charli’s gone, and I’m going to take her place.
Beau Wolfe wanted my sister, just like everyone else.
Taking him will be the ultimate revenge.
But Beau is a monster.
A scarred, sadistic and painfully obsessive billionaire.
And he’s not going to stop until he breaks me.

Another great book by Isabella. I don’t know what it is about dark romances and how Isabella writes but her books always get to me. I always feel the emotions she puts into these books and that is what makes a great book. Beau is a beautifully destroyed man and he knows what he wants in life. Lucy just happens to be there when he finds what he wants. Lucy is need of love, she feels as if nobody has ever loved her. So when certain things happen and she finds herself with Beau she finally feels at home.
I loved this book and everything in it. I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review.



Series: Lucas Brothers
Author: Jordan Marie
Book 1: The Perfect Stroke
Book 2: Raging Heart On
Book 3: Happy Trail
Book 4: Cocked and Loaded

Reading Source on all three: ARC/PURCHASED
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Book 1: The Perfect Stroke
Book 2: Raging Heart On
Book 3: Happy Trail
Book 4: Cocked and Loaded

About The Perfect Stroke

Gray Lucas is everything I hate in a man.
Cocky, rich, entitled and a player.
He’s a pro athlete and his exploits are legendary—one of which was me.
We had a one-night-stand.
It was wild, passionate, exhilarating and a big mistake.
Except maybe it wasn’t.
Because the more time I spend with him and his crazy family, the more I want him to stay…
But men don’t stay…do they?

The moment I saw Claudia Cooper again, other women ceased to exist for me.
She’s smart-mouthed, tough-as-nails, and gorgeous. She’s perfect.
I’m the man for her, the only man for her. She just doesn’t know it yet.
I have a reputation for playing hard, fast and dirty.
Love ‘em and Leave ‘em.
What CC doesn’t know yet,
Is that I’m not playing. I’m claiming her.

Take a man who always gets what he wants,
A woman who has learned not to want,
A crazy mother and insane siblings…
And oh yeah add in a skunk just to make things interesting—
And you just might have The Perfect Stroke.

I LOVED this book!! CC is such a great women character that you just want to be her. And Gray well he is just the kind of man that you just want to smack. But in the end he crawls into your heart and pulls your strings. CC on the other hand takes some more convincing.. Loved the story and can’t wait for the next one!!

About Raging Heart On

I’ve decided to have a baby.
The only problem?
I’m as single as they come.
So I jokingly make a list of possible baby daddies.
The problem?
My best friend White finds the list … and his name’s on top.
My panty-melting-hot, best buddy, White.
My football player, never-going-to-settle-down best friend.
He’s telling me he won’t let anyone else near me.
He’s out to prove he’s the only man for the job.
I should say no. The idea is crazy, right?
Except the things he does to my body leaves me begging for more.


My crazy best friend wants a baby.
Like hell I’m going to let her get knocked up by anyone but me.
Having a baby with my best friend is the last thing I ever thought I’d want.
But one taste of those sweet lips and I can’t think about wanting anything else.
She’s not sure I can commit.
But I’ll convince her I have exactly the tool she needs… even if her and I have to break a few beds to prove it.
She wants a baby? I want her everything.
And I’m going to be there every step of the way… with a raging heart on.


I have so found my new book boyfriend in White. I so love this family. And so far White is my favorite. That man is just so hot and you just want to smack him sometimes. Men can be so dense sometimes, you really just want to smack them. This book was wonderful. Two people that have known each other for 15 years, Kayla has been in love with White for years, never showing or telling him. White being a man, never sees this and is blind by everything that is Kayla. Until White gets the phone call that Kayla is getting married so that she can have the family she always wanted.
I laughed, cried and just greatly enjoyed this book. This one will be added to my book collection. A MUST READ!

About Happy Trail:

I’ve loved Luka Fields my entire life.
He was my first crush, my first kiss, my first time, and my first heartbreak.
Love isn’t like in the movies, or the books you read.
It’s hard.
Sometimes you give up…
And regret it your entire life.


Petal was the love of my life.
Losing her nearly destroyed me.
I’ve tried to move on, but I can’t.

It’s time to get my woman back—and this time I’m keeping her.
Luckily as a sheriff I have handcuffs at my disposal.

A Lucas Brother’s standalone novel.


I love Luka and Petals story. There was just something about these two and their love story. This story brought out so many emotions that it was sometimes hard to read. It also dealt with a lot of issues. I really enjoyed this book and was sad to see it end. Although I can’t wait to see who is next in this wonderful family!
I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review.

About Cocked and Loaded:

When I slap the handcuffs on her
I’ll be taking her to bed, not jail.
Getting involved with the wrong woman can destroy your life.
I had to move back home and lose my position as Detective to get away from one.
The last thing I need is to repeat my mistake.
I should be happy.
Deputy in my home town, surrounded by family and friends—
Life is good.
Then she crashes—literally crashes—into my world.
Adelle Harrington is a pain in my ass.
She’s way too high maintenance for my taste.
She’s sassy, opinionated, and stubborn as hell.
She’s also the Mayor’s only daughter.
Which means she should be completely off limits.
I tried to stay away, but when she forces my hand, all bets are off.
She picked the wrong cop to tangle with.
I’ve got her in my sites, she’s not getting away.

REVIEW  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I freaking love this family. If there is ONE series you read this year it HAS to be this one. The Lucas Brothers is a fun loving, laugh out loud, steamy enjoyable, read. There really is not enough words to say how much I love this series.

In this one, we finally get Black, if you read the other books we know Black has had a hard time lately with his ex-girlfriend. Of course, we didn’t know the extent until now. But his life is all over the place due to this woman and her making his life a living hell. While this poor guy is going through this, Black meets Addie.

Addie has just moved to Mason and is getting her feet wet in her degree. She has been in France and is finally home and is looking forward to starting her career in a restaurant. When she runs into Black it is instant heat between the two. These two don’t need or want a relationship but can not help it.

I laughed so much while reading this story. Ida Sue, of course, is a wonderful character in this story. We also see the rest of the family. I can’t wait to see who is next. Loved it!



Author: R.R. Banks
Book 1: Damaged
Book 2: Redemption
Book 3: His Property
Book 4: Forbidden
Book 5: Rebel
Reading Source: ARC
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Book 1: Damaged
Book 2: Redemption
Book 3: His Property
Book 4: Forbidden
Book 5: Rebel

About Damaged:

10 years ago, I lost her.
Now only Charlotte can melt my cold heart.

I made my billions, and then I built my fortress.
I was alone on my mountain.
Till she came.
I saved her, but she can’t remember her past.
And I can’t forget mine.
The winter storm trapped us together.
But I’ll keep her safe and warm.
With every caress, I’ll show her body what it craves.
With every kiss, I’ll mark her as my woman.
I know someone hurt her.
And that b@stard wants her back.
He doesn’t know who the f*ck he’s messing with.
Charlotte is mine now, and I’ll protect her no matter what.
But will she stay mine when her memories return?


Okay, something you need to know about me. I am not a fan of amnesia books. However, R.R has done a wonderful job with this story.This story hits some major issues, domestic abuse, family not believing you and self-doubt. These are hard issues to deal with and read about. But I think R.R did a great job.I enjoyed this book greatly. Another must read! I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review.

About Redemption:

I’m the new fire chief in town. 

Gwen is the one flame I can’t put out. 

The scars of my past haunt me. 
They chase me like I chase fires. 
But sh*t can’t continue this way.  
I’ll be damned if I let my son end up damaged like me. 
This new town is just what we need. 
Little did I know a night of scorching lust would be my salvation. 
No names, no commitment, and blazing passion. 
That’s all it was supposed to be. 
Until I find Gwen again… 
This time I’ll take her body and her heart. 
But if she knew my secret… Would she or this town still want me here?  


I loved this story. It is sweet, emotional, and a deeply wonderful story.
Garrett is a man with a haunted past that is still bothering him. But he has a son to raise and he sees his mistakes coming forward in his son. So when he gets the opportunity to go to his old town to become the fire chief he takes it.
Gwen is a high school teacher with a past of her own. When she meets Garrett’s son and see’s the problems that he has all she wants to do is help. But Garrett doesn’t take to kindly to her help. And with the very intense chemistry that comes between them, everything might get in the way.
I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review

About His Property:

Brutal Billionaire. Vengeful Kingpin. Fierce Protector.
The mafia made me what I am.
I take. I destroy. But it’s time to go legit.
I’m the one in charge now.
Men bow down to me.
Women submit to me.
Harper was supposed to be collateral.
Now she’s my property.
A strawberry blonde virgin with curves that could kill.
If my enemies aren’t careful, I’ll do just that.
They want to sell her, but I already own her.
They said they’re coming for me.
Well, let them come.
I can lose my life.
But I won’t lose her.
When I’m through with them, they’ll wish they were dead.
Who will still be standing when the bullets fall?


Nobody should be surprised to see a five-star rating for R.R. Banks. This is another wonderful story from him. This one has a mafia theme but isn’t too deep into it.
I really loved Rob and everything he portrayed. Such a hard ass man wanting to do everything he can to make his family better. So when he meets Harper and she is so innocent he really doesn’t know where to go with it.
Harper is innocent. She wants to come across as not so, but there isn’t much she can hide when everyone around her is taking advantage of her and she really has no idea. The only one watching out for her IS the big bad wolf.
Loved this story. I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review.

About Forbidden:

This f*cked up world left me numb.
Incapable of love.
Seduction. Submission. Possession.
That’s all I wanted from her.
My billions can buy anything.
Except Veronica.
She walked into my classroom,
And I knew she was mine.
I don’t ask. I take.
One kiss sealed her submission.
My touch claimed her innocence.
I marked her. Possessed her. Taught her.
She wants more,
But I can’t give more.
The horrors of my past won’t allow it. 
But now she is carrying my baby. 
Can I protect her and my baby… or will I lose it all? 

R.R. Banks is one of my go-to authors whenever I want a really good deep story. Forbidden is no different. This story brought tears to my eyes and hurt my heart.
Forbidden is about Jude and Veronica a professor and student that takes you through their story now and then with their past.
Jude has a really ruff history with his past and not being able to get over it. He is a colder character when it comes to his woman so that was different.
Veronica is innocent that is the best way to describe her. And I mean that in the best and worse way. She is innocent in everything she does. But while this story progresses she does grow (thank god) and gets stronger, but she has to, to be able to deal with someone like Jude.
Altogether this is another pretty good book by R.R. that I enjoyed. I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review.

About Rebel:

Savage Rival. Hardened Marine. Ruthless Hero.
I can have any woman I want,
Except Bree.
She’s untouchable. My enemy’s daughter. 
But I wanted her the moment I saw her. 
Her sweet lips. Her curvy hips. 
I’m addicted to her taste.
She submitted to me eight years ago.
But I screwed up. 
Now I’m back. She hates me.
She has a son now and I’m damn sure he’s mine.
A century-old feud kept her from me in the past.
Now nothing will stop me from having all of her.
She may be the enemy’s daughter, but I’ll risk it all for my family.
This war is going to leave someone dead,
And I swear it won’t be Bree.
Will we make it down the aisle or will this feud destroy us all?


This is a wonderful story of two families that want nothing to do with each other. But when a bet sets off a domino effect that just keeps going even years later blows this book away.

Bree is so miss treated by not only her family but also Milo (even though he doesn’t realize it) she still has a heart of gold. So when Milo comes back because of his brothers funeral Milo finally decides to apologize for what he did to her. But family feuds never die. Too bad Bree and her child are stuck in the middle.

I couldn’t put this story down. But that is not unusual when it comes to R.R. Banks books. I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy for my honest review.



Title: A&E
Author: Kailee Reese Samuels
Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

About A&E

Bleu is you.
Misfit girl.
Unpopular girl.
Girl that does bad things when no one is looking–lost girl.

Struggling with an encyclopedia’s worth of mental diagnoses-chronic depression, bipolar, and self-harm–will Bleu ever discover who she is and that the future is worth more than the sum of her chart?

He is untouchable.
The charming quarterback.
What would he want to do with a lost girl?

Turns out, Alex Torino wants everything to do with Bleu. From loving and accepting her crazy, can he save Bleu from her demons before it’s too late?

From the mother of the Juliet world, Kailee Reese Samuels brings you an all new book––the completely standalone A&E.


What can I say about Kailee Samuels that hasn’t already been said? Her writing is just beyond anything you can read by most other authors. She brings out such emotions when you read her stories that sometimes it is hard to read her books. You almost have to physic yourself up to read her books. You know you’re going to cry, get upset, get horny, laugh, and at the end have your happy ending (you hope with every character).

This story takes on some issues that might be hard for some to read. I thought Kailee did an excellent job of combating depression and such in this book. I loved this story and would reread it again.
I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review.



Series: Blackthorn Mountain Men
Author: Madison Faye
Book 1: Claiming His Mountain Bride
Book 2: His Captive Mountain Virgin
Book 3: Her Mountain Baby Daddies
Book 4: His Big Mountain Axe
Book 5: His Hard Mountain Wood
Book 6: Her Rough Mountain Outlaw
Book 1: Claiming His Mountain Bride
Book 2: His Captive Mountain Virgin
Book 3: Her Mountain Baby Daddies
Book 4: His Big Mountain Axe
Book 5: His Hard Mountain Wood
Book 6: Her Rough Mountain Outlaw

About Claiming His Mountain Bride:

My mountain. My cabin. My rules. And she’s my woman – she just doesn’t know it yet.I left civilization and my demons a long time ago, seeking solitude up on Blackthorn Mountain. Just one ex-Marine, a remote cabin, and the wilderness, with no distractions.
But then she turns up, blowing in with a winter’s blizzard like a very f**king big distraction.
Blonde, beautiful, and mouthy as all hell, even when I save her from freezing that sweet little butt off.
A rough mountain man like me should want nothing to do with a rich city girl like Katrina. Except one look at her sweet, tempting curves, and one taste of those sassy, pouty lips, and I want everything to do with her.
I saved her from freezing, but maybe it’s her who’s going to save my frozen heart.
We’re trapped up here for the storm, locked in a cabin with only the heat between us to keep us warm. Her wealthy, city family thinks they can marry her off to some rich little sh*t. But they’re very wrong.
My mountain. My cabin. My woman.
I’ll make Katrina my bride, and I’ll be d*mned if I let them take her from me.


This is a quick read by Madison Faye. I love her stories and this one is no different, although it is shorter than her normal books. But if you like a great smut book this is it. I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review.💕💞

About His Captive Mountain Virgin

Up on my mountain, she’ll play by my rules. My obsession. My Temptation. My Captive.

When I left life as a hitman for the Russian mob years ago, I never wanted to look back. I took the millions I’d made doing their dirty work and built my retreat up on Blackthorn Mountain, away from everything.
But a flash wildfire brings her to my front door, and from the moment I lay eyes on her, I know one thing: she’ll be mine.
Gorgeous, sassy, innocent, untouched…and my prisoner. No one can know I’m here, so she stays. I’m keeping her.
Life as a contract killer and now as a rough mountain man has turned my heart cold. I should keep a sweet girl like her away from me. But once I put my hands on her tempting curves and once I taste those sweet, innocent lips, I want nothing else than to keep her as close as possible.
I’ve saved her from the fire, but if we aren’t careful, we’ll both get burned.
Because my past isn’t done with me. The mob I walked away from years before thinks they can use Chloe to get to me, but they’re dead f-ing wrong.
Up here, I’m king, she’s my mountain queen, and I’ll storm heaven and hell to keep her safe.
Chloe’s got a fight in her, but once I lay my hands on her, I’m never letting her go.


This is another great book by Madison. His Captive Mountain Virgin does lightly go with Claiming His Mountain Bride but is standalone.

Vlad is a Russian mob killer that has left the life behind without approval. He is on the run and is in hiding from the boss. His mountain is hiding place. So when he finds Chloe in the middle of a wildfire, he saves her and decides to keep her. Not that she fights that thought very hard for very long.

This is a great “caveman” “jane” kind of book. I really enjoyed both characters and it was nice to see the Claiming His Mountain Bride characters again. The ending is explosive and wonderful. I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review.

About Her Mountain Baby Daddies

Two rough twin mountain men. One princess on the run. She thinks she can’t have babies. But baby are we gonna prove her wrong.
When our enemies conspired to murder our father, take our company, and set us up for the crimes, running to the woods of Blackthorn Mountain was the only option we had.
We thought we’d left everything good and beautiful in the world behind. That is, until she tumbles into our arms.
Gorgeous, whip-smart, and a mouth as fiery as that red hair. Catching her skinny-dipping in our lake lights the spark.
…Laying our hands on her sets the whole thing on fire.
Life in the woods has turned us into the hardened rough mountain men we are today. She should stay away – from us, and from the dark past that looms over our shoulders. But one taste of her sweet lips, and one of her breathless moans in our ears, and we both know we’re never going to let her out of her hands.
We share everything, and we’ve always sworn that nothing will get between us. But then, Stella between us might just be exactly what saves us.
With the shadow of our past still hunting us down, and the demons from hers still looming, this whole thing could blow up in our face. But we’ll be d*mned if that keeps her away from us.
She thinks she can’t have a family. We’ve always wanted one. The odds are against us, but then, three is a crowd… 

REVIEW  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I am loving this Blackthorn Mountain Series. This time we get the twins story. Dallas and Austin.

Having to leave Texas, they are hiding out when they find Stella in their pond camping. Needless to say, she is everything they were never looking for.

Stella has been doing IVF and trying everything on her own. So now that two men are after her she doesn’t know what to do.

Another steamy, dreamy, romance by Madison. I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy for my honest review.

About His Big Mountain Axe

Beard? Check. Alpha as hell? Check. Huge, hard lumber? Very check.
The biggest outlaw on the mountain has his sights on one woman, and he’s got a very big axe to grind…
Beast. Monster. Outlaw. I’ve been called a lot of things, but let me promise you, a knight in shining armor ain’t f*ckin’ one of them.
But when the man I’m supposed to kill lays a hand on her – the firecracker cocktail waitress with the soft lips and the sweet curves that make my pine tree grow – there’s no way I’m not stepping in.
Beautiful, blonde, tempting as hell. She’s got a body that was made for me to claim, and legs that were born to spread around my bike. Or my waist.
But I’m a man with a mission – a blood vendetta that has to be paid. Mixing it up with Larkin is a bad idea at best. At worst, it might get us killed. But once I feel that sweet little body of hers pressed against mine with my chopper rumbling between her legs, I know there ain’t a chance in hell I’m letting her go.
I’m not here to save her. I’m here to take her – over my bike and across my bed
Pretty little Larkin is about to get a taste of how a real man claims his woman. Because up on my mountain, I carry a big axe.
…And I know how to use it.

REVIEW  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Larkin and Axe are a wonderful couple in this latest story by Madison Faye.

Larkin is running from an ex that is abusive. While working in a strip club she comes across Axe.

Axe is on the hunt. He is hunting a man that killed everyone in his biker gang years ago. He has finally found his prey and he is hanging out at the same strip club Larkin is working at. She is the last thing he saw coming, but he will be taking her with him when he leaves.

I loved Axe when we met him briefly in the last book. He is a rescuer, and quite. He doesn’t want help from anyone nor does he want to be friends with anyone, but he will put himself at risk to help others. So when he finally needs help from others he doesn’t know how to take it.

We do get to see the other men from the last books, which was nice. This is a wonderful book and who knows we might get another since we see another man from Axe’s past.
I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review.

His Hard Mountain Wood:

Outlaw, filthy biker, mechanic…single father.
For the roughest alpha on the mountain, it’s his way or the hard way. For one lucky lady, it’s about to be both.
Rough. Wild. Savage. I was a lot of things before I left the outlaw life behind. Blackthorn Mountain was a fresh start. No drama, no distractions. Nothing but me, my bike shop, and my little girl.
Nothing else, that is, until she comes blowing through my door like a firestorm I never saw coming.
Beautiful, innocent, and more tempting than she even knows. She’s got curves that beg for my rough, dirty hands, and a sass that gets my engine roaring.
I know a hardened ex-biker like me should stay the f**k away from a bratty little city girl like Addison Hale. She’s too good, too off-limits. Too much my new employee. But then, an outlaw like me never was good at playing by the rules. One look into those big blue eyes, and I know there’s nothing in this world that would keep me from her.
But the shadows from my past aren’t staying there. Gunning for me is one thing, but when they threaten Addison and my little girl Kyrie, there’ll be no stopping the beast I’ve kept locked up inside.
Sweet little Addison Hale is about to learn that up my mountain, I claim what’s mine, I keep what’s mine, and I protect what’s mine.
My demons almost buried me once. When they come after what’s mine, they’re gonna wish they had.


I LOVED this story. This is one of my favorites of Madison. Ryker is a freaking awesome character. I loved him and this is such a great story that did him justice. It was great to see the other guys in this story also.

Addison is just what Ryker needs in his life. And I couldn’t have asked for a better story for these two. I really couldn’t put this book down!


About Her Rough Mountain Outlaw

Dominant, wild, and alpha af.
This single mom just got tangled up with the hardest new outlaw on the mountain.
And he’s about to show her how a real man claims what’s his.

I was a beast. A devil on two wheels. A rebel outlaw with a gun on my hip and a bigger one between my legs. Seven bullets almost put me in the ground, and now, all I’m looking for is a fresh start up on Blackthorn Mountain.

But when I cross paths with the gorgeous, sassy single mom on the run, everything changes.

Beautiful, fierce, and temping as all hell. Soft, pouty lips that were made for me to claim, curves that make my engine roar, and legs that I can’t wait to get my filthy hands all over. I’ve got no business getting tangled up with Jackie McKinnon. But one touch of her soft skin, and one taste of her mouth, and I know she’s mine.

She’s got trouble hunting her down, though. Her abusive dirty cop of an ex thinks he can lay hands on her and her little girl Brooke again, but he has no idea how f**king wrong he is.

Because this is my mountain, Jackie and her little girl are mine to protect and keep safe, and I’ll bury anyone who tries to hurt them.

I found her, I claimed her, and I’m keeping her. Jackie needs a real man.

…And she’s about to get every damn inch of one.


Her Rough Mountain Outlaw is a story of redemption for both parties. Jackie is running from an abusive EX husband that refuses to leave her and her daughter alone. Stone is an outlaw biker that is still trying to figure out what he wants in life.

When Jackie runs off the road trying to get to her daughter and sister at a motel they are hiding at, Stone shows up to help.

These two fall fast and hard for each other, but they never forget her daughter or sister. And of course, don’t forget the bad guy.



Title: Hotel O
Author: Clarissa Wild
Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

About Hotel O:

Pleasure is business.
That’s our motto here at Hotel O.
No strings attached gratification is what we provide. Nothing is off limits.
And all of it stays within these walls.
My job as the organizer of these events requires a personal sacrifice.
Girlfriends are a liability I can’t afford.
So I get my own satisfaction somewhere else.
Nothing beyond a one-night stand…
And I’ve found the perfect toy to play with.
A persistent, equally wicked girl that I can’t say no to.
The girl who’s going to make me risk it all.

Welcome to Hotel O… Enjoy your stay.

REVIEWI love Clarissa Wild, I mean what can I say? This book is just dirty, wonderful, and ingenious. Kat and D are characters that are in it for sexual needs, nothing more. Kat is into pain and humiliation, and D is into domination but has to keep it quite due to his job. So they find themselves on a chatline. And I have to say, this seems even hotter. It’s like you are a voyeur or something.
I love how both of them embrace their kink and enjoy their sexuality. Kat especially, sometimes it is hard for a woman to be written with an open kink like this.
There are some twist and surprises that got me. This isn’t a “normal” love story. This story is full of sex, the dark debauched kind that makes you want to go shower after. LOVED IT!
I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy for my honest review.



Series: Forbidden Trilogy
Author: J.C. Valentine
Book 1: Dance for Me
Book 2: Lie to You
Book 3: Fall for Him
Book 4: Forbidden Valentine
Book 1: Dance for Me
Book 2: Lie to You
Book 3: Fall for Him
Book 4: Forbidden Valentine

About Dance for Me:

What if the person who stole your heart wasn’t who you thought they were?

When my parents passed away, I grew up fast. Learning to stand on my own two feet has been a challenge, but I’m making it… my way. I make no apologies for the path I’ve chosen. My choices have served me well, but no one knows the real me.

Except one man.

He’s a mystery to me. He’s controlling, demanding, and he has me wrapped around his little finger. Anything he wants, I’ll give it to him. The hours we share together aren’t about love. It’s just sex. Hot, dirty, passionate sex. It was never supposed to be anything more than that.

Until everything changed.

Now, I’m more confused than ever. The more I learn about him, the less I seem to understand. What I do know is that I’m falling, and I have the feeling when I land, it’s going to hurt.

WOW! For my first J.C. Valentine book, I am obsessed! Dance for Me comes with so many surprises I had no idea what was going to come next. It gives you that tingle in the back of your neck that makes you itch knowing you probably won’t like what is coming next but you HAVE to know what is next.

Joe is a college student that strips to make money. She has a secret lover that she meets on certain nights after he watches her dance. They don’t know each other’s names and they like it that way. But when they see each other in one of her classes, she finds out that he is her new professor.

Professor Scott doesn’t know what to do when he sees Joe in his classroom. The chemistry between them is hot! They can’t stay away from each other. So when their relationship gets out of hand he decides to keep their budding relationship a secret from the school.

Joe and Ransom are such wonderful characters. This story is so freaking awesome and I can’t wait to read the next one. I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy for my honest review.

About Lie to You:

I thought he was the one. I thought we were headed someplace great. I didn’t know anything.

My mystery man is no longer such a mystery. He’s still commanding and headstrong, playing my body and mind like an instrument, but I’m finding there are layers to him I never could have dreamed. What I’ve learned since that fateful night in his apartment has me reeling. Now, though, the truth has taken a backstage to other, more pressing matters.

While I struggle to make a choice that will determine the direction of my future, lies that I thought had been carefully hidden away are coming to light. My head is such a mess I don’t know what’s up or down anymore. Will I be able to sort it all out, or will the life I’ve worked so hard to build come crashing down in a pile of secrets and lies?


Josephine has been having a big problem when it came to her lover. He had a big personality problem. But she finds out that he has a twin and she is sleeping with both of them. Needless to say, Josephine freaks out.
Ransom and Rebel are twins but are totally different in personalities. Ransom is sweet and treats her with respect. Rebel is Josephine’s secret admire from her job. He treats Josephine like a whore sometimes, but she loves it. So who is Josephine falling for is the big question?
I enjoyed this story although sometimes Josephine got on my nerves. But it wasn’t enough to ruin the book or anything. It just is what it is. I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy for my honest review.
About Fall for Him:

Two men. Both brothers. One life-changing decision.

I made my choice. One perfect weekend assured me I was right. One set of pictures proved me wrong.

Graduating college was supposed to be a happy time. Instead, I lost my best friend and suffered the worst kind of betrayal. Now, my whole life is in flux. I need my best friend. I need answers. There’s only one way to fix this. It’s time for a change. It’s time to take back control of my life, and the only way to do it is to face my problems head-on.

Even if it means walking into the lion’s den to do it.

Joe and Rebel have been through hell and back and are still there in some ways. Joe needs to find her way back to her friend and to get back on track with her life. The last book broke Joe in so many ways so how will she find herself and bring herself back to Rebel after everything she has found out?

This book is the last one of the Forbidden series and it is full of heartbreak, lies, betrayal, and finally love.

I will be honest this is my first J.C. Valentine series and I LOVED it. I will be adding her to my go-to author list. I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy for my honest review.


About Forbidden Valentine:

It started with a drink.

It turned into a promise.

Ransom Scott lost his heart the day the woman he loved chose another man. Or so he thought. Estranged from his brother, distancing himself from the world, he’s been drowning his sorrows in cheap booze and women…determined to forget.

His world is falling apart, until a beautiful woman decides to take a chance on him.

Dani Deviche is as bewitching as she is innocent. Full of youth and vitality, she captivates him. Challenges him. She’s everything Ransom never thought to look for in the opposite sex, and he can’t get enough.

When a promise of friendship turns into something more, can Ransom fulfill his end of the bargain, or will a secret from Dani’s past destroy his last chance at happiness?


So this story is about Ransom and his time to find love. He finds himself a sweet and innocent virgin named Dani. After everything that Ransom put Joe and Rebel through I don’t know if he deserved someone like Dani. BUT everyone deserves a second chance I guess. And that is what Ransom gets.
I enjoyed seeing Ransom getting his happy ending. I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy for my honest review.




Series: Virgin
Author: SC Daiko
Book 1: Their Virgin Nanny
Book 2: Their Virgin Brat
Book 3: Their Virgin P.A.
Book 1: Their Virgin Nanny
Book 2: Their Virgin Brat
Book 3: Their Virgin P.A.

About Their Virgin Nanny:

Two alpha daddies. One V-Card to punch. I think I’ve found my dirty dream job.
What could be better than working as a nanny in London for a really hot boss?
Answer: losing your virginity to two sexy, bisexual bosses.
Gabe and Luke are committed to each other… but they also want me.
A romp with them would be totally forbidden. And way too much fun.
I love their sons like they’re my own kids… and I think I’m falling for Gabe and Luke too.
But there might be another woman in the way, one who wants to take my place.
One thing’s for sure… my bosses are enough to make a girl O-face.
And that’s outside the bedroom…


God, I loved this book. It is so freaking hot you will need another pair of panties!!!

Eleri is a young girl looking for a new nanny job since her old job is moving to the states. She is offered a job watching two little boys of a gay male couple. The boys are adorable and the male couple are hot and alpha. She has no idea how she is going to work knowing they are gay and she can’t do anything with them. But she is bound and determined to do just that- her job.

Gabe and Luke are in a commented relationship and have two adorable boys by a surrogate. Their nanny that they have now is getting married and so they go looking for a new one. They found Eleri and find her very attractive but know she is off limits- she works for them. Right off the bat, they make sure she understands she is part of the family and is to come to them if she needs anything and that the boys come first.

Everything is normal and runs smoothly until she goes on a date and is drugged. That is when she admits that she is highly attracted to Gage and Luke but knows that nothing can happen even knowing they are bi-sexual, but she works for them so she doesn’t want to screw that up. Gage and Luke want something to happen but have to be careful with their jobs and lives.

This is such a wonderful book. I never wanted to put it down, and god the sex is just mind-blowing! It is never too much and is in the right places! And there is a little mystery or threat I guess that adds such a great part to the book. T

This is a must read book, I will be one-clicking it when it is available on Amazon.
I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review.


AUDIO- I voluntarily listened to the audio of this wonderful book!
I read this story when it came out earlier. But as an audio man, this is such a hot story! Hugo takes it to a whole different level. I kept going back to this book just so that I could listen to Hugo’s voice. He brought this story to life and kept you wanting more. Great choice for the narrator.
If you have not read/listen to this story Eleri is hired to become Luke and Gabe’s nanny for their young boys. Eleri is attractive to her two new bosses but knows it can’t go anywhere since they are gay. When Luke and Gabe start having feelings for their sweet nanny and she finds out that they like to add a woman to their bed once in a while, it becomes a wonderfully romantic story. I only say that because Luke and Gabe already have their relationship, but they find a new dynamic in that relationship when Eleri gets added, even at the beginning when it is only their bedroom. Things are about to change no matter what. I enjoyed this book both kindle and audio.

About Their Virgin Brat

Hunky twin brothers. Their bratty stepsister.  What happens when they break the rules?
I’ve never been with one man

Let alone two
And that suits me fine.
Men are trouble.
Aiden and Liam are so damn hunky, though;
soon all I want is their touch, 
their kisses,
their gorgeous…
I know what we’re doing is wrong.
They’re my step-siblings.
One rule: it’s only for a short time.
Except, maybe some rules are made to be broken…

REVIEW ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A great MFM book by SC Daiko. I did enjoy this book greatly, I mean who wouldn’t want to enjoy their hot and sexy steps? Liam and Aiden’s dad remarried and now they have to train their new stepsister, Samantha. They have no idea why she acts out the way she does but damn if they don’t want to find out. Sam, on the other hand, really doesn’t want anything to do with men, so when she feels the attraction to her step brothers she has no idea what to do with it.
I loved this book. These three people are great apart and wonderful together! I was sad to see the story end, but loved the ending! I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review

About Their Virgin P.A.

Two alpha billionaires. Both Mr. Wrong when I’m looking for my Mr. Right.
Blake and Declan. My new bosses. Super-hot but like night and day.
One dirty and kinky… a playboy
The other, deep, dark and brooding
They make me want things I’ve never wanted before.
They make me want THEM.
And, when I discover their deepest secret,
I can’t help thinking…
Maybe two Mr. Wrongs CAN make it right…


Man, I love S.C. books just because of how different she goes with them. Yes, they are MMF books, but she brings such a great story into it that you have to read her books in one sitting.

This story started out with Blake and Sara starting a relationship. But knowing at some point we would get out the threesome. I was hoping as always with her stories that we would get some MMF, but this one was deeper. Childhood love between Blake and Declan made the story deeper.

Loved this story. A must add to your collection. If you haven’t figured it out, this book contains MF, MMF, MM relationships, and an HEA. No cheating.

I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review.



Series: Misters
Author: Maya Hughes
Book 1: Mr. Control
Book 2: Mr. Ruin
Book 3: Mr. Wicked
Book 1: Mr. Control
Book 2: Mr. Ruin
Book 3: Mr. Wicked

About Mr. Control:

She’s the one woman I should stay away from, but I can’t help myself…

They say being a billionaire has its perks, but I hardly notice. After being widowed, my beautiful little girl is the most important thing to me. Esme hasn’t spoken to anyone but me since her mother’s death. When she goes missing, I’m this close to losing it.

When Esme turns up safe and sound with a cute waitress, I’m ready to give the lady a reward and be on our way, but then Esme speaks to her. A simple “thank you” from my daughter who hasn’t spoken to anyone in years. I know I can’t let the waitress get away. It has nothing to do with the face that she can melt me with a glance. Nothing at all…

Melanie is nothing like the women who throw themselves at me. Her big brown eyes take my breath away from the minute I lay eyes on her. She fills out her pink waitress uniform with curves I can’t wait to get my hands on. I can’t get her out of my head.

Melanie’s bringing my little girl out of her shell, which means she’s strictly off limits. But having her under my roof and close enough to touch is too much of a temptation. My legendary control is beginning to slip and I don’t know how much longer I can resist breaking every rule I have. I’ve sworn off romance because I know the stakes are far too high for me if anyone uncovers the secrets I’ve been keeping. Letting anyone in could destroy my world, but it’s harder to keep my distance every day I’m near her.


This is my first Maya Hughes book and I enjoyed it. Melanie is a down on your luck waitress trying to figure out life. When a cute little kid comes to help her with a bobo Melanie’s life changes greatly. Esme and her father Rhys have their life planned out but the only problem Rhys has is that his baby girl is mute. She won’t talk to anyone but him. So when Esme talks to Melanie Rhys will do anything in his power to get her to work for him. Rhys has major trust issues and although I think Melanie is the one that should have them just as much if not more, so when things go south I really think Melanie should have had him grovel a hell of a lot more. I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review.

About Mr. Ruin

They were wrong—revenge is a dish best served hot.
They call me the Boardroom Bastard.
A bastard out for vengeance.
No one messes with Killian Thorne.
Then Rachel shows up.
She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Luscious curves. An ass I wanna smack and squeeze. No man has ever touched her the way I do, and she’s making me feel things I’ve never felt before.
But she works for my greatest enemy, and destroying him means taking her down too.
She’s ruined me for all other women. Will I ruin her too?


I was so happy to see that Killian and Rachel were next to get their book. Killian was the bad guy in Mr. Control ( the first book) of this series and he was just horrible, but it made you want to get to know him and find out what was going on. Rachel, of course, was Rhys Thayer PA and we had no idea what had happened to her at the end of Mr. Control.

Now that we are in Mr. Ruin we get the Killian and Rachel’s story. Which ends up being a wonderful and tragic story. Killian has a bad childhood and is up for revenge. Rachel had a silver spoon type childhood but all she wants to do is make her own way. And that is what she is doing working for Rhys Thayer. So when she meets Killian all she is doing is trying to protect her boss. Little does she know that the chemistry she feels for him will put her and her boss in his crosshairs.

I really enjoyed this book and didn’t want to put it down. I finished it in one sitting for that reason. I am excited to see where Maya goes next with everyone. I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review.

About Mr. Wicked

She’s hated me since high school…

Francesca “Frankie” Archer is the smart-mouthed rich girl who worked her way into my heart back in high school. Our one date turned into a nightmare and we’ve been at each other’s throat ever since.

But a few cocktails and a shared hotel suite later, and what she’s chalking up to a one night stand is more.

If I can show her everything I’ve learned about pleasure since we’ve been apart, maybe I can convince her to remain in my bed.


I loved this story about Frankie and John.

Frankie and John knew each other in high school. A huge misunderstanding happened between them and neither of them really got over it. But since they were both friends with Killian (from the last book ‘Mr. Ruin’) they still saw each other from time to time.

Killian is now getting married, Frankie and John are both best men at his wedding and have to be nice to each other. So now what are they going to do?

I really enjoyed this story about the Frankie and John finding themselves back to each other. One misunderstanding can change your life forever. But if it is meant to be it will be.
I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review.


Author: Penelope Bloom
Book 1: His Banana
Book 2: Her Cherry
Book 3: His Treat

Book 1: His Banana
Book 2: Her Cherry
Book 3: His Treat

About His Banana:

My new boss likes rules, but there’s one nobody dares to break…
No touching his banana.
Seriously. The guy is like a potassium addict.
Of course, I touched it.
If you want to get technical, I actually put it in my mouth.
I chewed it up, too… I even swallowed.
I know. Bad, bad, girl.
Then I saw him, and believe it or not, choking on a guy’s banana does not make the best first impression.

I should backtrack a little here. Before I ever touched a billionaire’s banana, I got my first real assignment as a business reporter. This wasn’t the same old bottom-of-the-barrel assignment I always got. I wasn’t going to interview a garbage man about his favorite routes or write a piece on how picking up dog poop from people’s yards is the next big thing.
Nope. None of the above, thank you very much.
This was my big break. My chance to prove I wasn’t a bumbling, clumsy, accident-prone walking disaster. I was infiltrating Galleon Enterprises to follow up on suspicions of corruption.
Cue the James Bond music.
I could do this. All I had to do was land the position as an intern and nail my interview with Bruce Chamberson.
Forget the fact that he looked like somebody carved him out of liquid female desire, then sprinkled on some “makes men question their sexuality” for good measure. I needed to make this work. No accidents. No disasters. No clumsiness. All I needed to do was hold it together for less than an hour.
Fast forward to the conference room before the interview, and that’s where you would find me with a banana in my hand. A banana that literally had his name on it in big, black sharpie. It was a few seconds later when he walked in and caught me yellow-handed. A few seconds after that was when he hired me.
Yeah. I know. It didn’t seem like a good sign to me, either.


I know I know the cover and title kind of threw me too, but you have to read this story. It will knock you out. It is funny, cute, steamy, and just plain awesome.

I was wondering what a banana had to do with the title, but you quickly become informed that a banana is the theme of this story. And it does become the joke and the main reason why Bruce and Natasha become enemies/co-workers/friends.

Penelope writes a wonderful alpha male in Bruce. He is a mixture of hurt male, strong sexual intent, and a lot of OCD. He is set on a path and nothing will get in his way. He does the same thing every day and he hates if anything messes with his schedule. So when Natasha enters his life things go haywire very fast.

Natasha is a mess. I mean her whole life is crazy. NOTHING goes right. She can be walking down the street and she will fall down for no reason. So when she goes for a job interview and eats the bosses banana all hell breaks loose.

I really enjoyed this story, and even laughed out loud. Which is always fun to do.

#Oneclick #Mustread #BananaTrouble


About Her Cherry:

How’d I meet her?
Well, a gentleman never brags.
Thankfully, I’m no gentleman.
First, I paid for her cherry (pie, but that’s not the point),
Next, I deflowered her.
After that? I left my business card and walked out like I owned the place.
Yeah, you could say we hit it off.

How did I meet William?
He walked into my bakery, bought a cherry pie, stole a vase of flowers—I still have no idea what he wanted with them—and left his business card.
Before I say what I did with the business card, I should clarify something:
William couldn’t have walked into my life at a worse time.
My bakery was failing.
My creepy ex refused to leave me alone.
Oh, and I was a twenty-five-year-old virgin, a fact my friends refused to stop hassling me about.
Fixing my little virginity problem with William would be like swatting a fly with a hammer. Overkill, but the best kind.
William was stupid hot, the kind of hot that makes women do stupid things. The kind of hot that made me think crazy things. Like thinking the fly wouldn’t even mind getting hammered by William and his washboard abs. That makes two of us.
So I called him.
Maybe it was against my better judgment. Maybe I was stepping into a disaster waiting to happen.
I knew I was in trouble when he chuckled in that deep, sexy voice of his over the phone and said, “I’m still craving your cherry. Do you deliver?”


So I LOVED His Banana and was excited to see Her Cherry come out. I didn’t know that it had to do with the other brother. I was even more excited when I was reading.

William is the fun-loving take no prisoners kind of guy. He goes through women like his underwear and you can’t expect much from him. At least on the surface. But once you start reading and getting into the book you find a whole other side of him.

Hailey is a baker and she is having a financially hard time. She has some great friends (loved them) and when William walks into her life she really has no idea how to handle him. She is his total opposite. It is she who is what is good for him.

I laughed, rolled my eyes, and just generally loved this story! Can’t wait for more from Penelope!

About His Treat:

Having a hot boss isn’t complicated or confusing at all,
Said no one ever…
But all I have to do is resist for a few months.
Come January, I’m flying to Paris to chase my dream of being an artist,
Too bad I can’t have my treat and eat it, too.

I forgot to mention… My hot boss was also my high school crush.
Sort of.
First, I wanted to crush him with gooey affection.
In the end, I just plain wanted to crush him.
Now he’s back, and he might as well have “do not touch” printed on his chest.
One tiny question: would it count if I didn’t use my hands?

Let me answer my own question. Yes, Emily, you raging horndog, it counts. Besides, my dream is practically waiting for me like a perfectly wrapped, shiny little package if I can just behave. I’d be an absolute idiot to risk that, and I have a long, proud history of not being an idiot to protect.

Unless it’s kind of like when you do really well in class all semester so you can afford to flunk a test at the end. Three months is a long time, and if he’s the one giving me the big, fat, dirty “F”, it does add a little dose of temptation to the equation.

But all I have to do is one quick job for him. A few posters and a few props for a big Halloween party that he’s hosting.

Then I just walk away from his dreamboat eyes and perfect body, grab a plane, and forget about all the beautiful children we could’ve squeezed inside our white picket fence.


I LOVE Penelope’s Treat stories! I was wondering whom I had missed in the last two books for Penelope to add to this fun collection but it is Williams not so fun secretary’s niece.

Ryan and Emily are made to work together for a Halloween party for the company. Ryan needs an artist and Emily is that person. But when they meet it is a weird chemistry that makes them a great couple. They both seem to know each other but can not pinpoint it.

This is a great addition to the collection!

Title: Medicine Man
Author: Saffron A. Kent
Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

About Medicine Man:

Willow Taylor lives in a castle with large walls and iron fences. But this is no ordinary castle. It’s called Heartstone Psychiatric Hospital and it houses forty other patients. It has nurses with mean faces and techs with permanent frowns.
It has a man, as well. A man who is cold and distant. Whose voice drips with authority. And whose piercing gray eyes hide secrets, and maybe linger on her face a second too long.
Willow isn’t supposed to look deep into those eyes. She isn’t supposed to try to read his tightly-leashed emotions. Neither is she supposed to touch herself at night, imagining his powerful voice and that cold but beautiful face.
No, Willow Taylor shouldn’t be attracted to Simon Blackwood at all.
Because she’s a patient and he’s her doctor. Her psychiatrist.
The medicine man.


There are no amount of words to describe how much I loved this story. I am a first time Saffron reader and I could not put this story down.

I don’t want to give too much away on this book, because this is one that needs to be read for yourself.

Willow is in a tough place is a light place to put it. She has no way to get out of it but to come to terms with what is wrong with her.

Medicine man also has a past that he does not want to deal with. But in the meantime, he is in charge of helping people get through their own problems.
These two are NOT supposed to get together ever, but when has love ever been easy?
#mustread #wonderfulcharacters #emotionalstory

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