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51VKpIEZETL._SY346_Title: Pretend Princess with Benefits
Author: Lara Swann
Reading Source: ARC
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About this Book:
I’m not a princess. And this isn’t a fairytale.
Even if my Playboy Prince seems to think it is.
He asked me to marry him. Sort of.
No way. I’m not playing this crazy game.
But then I lost that stupid bet…
So now, maybe I’m playing princess after all.

The kind of princess who curses off camera, offends his uptight parents, and runs away from high society events.
Well, I did warn him.
His family will never go for this.
I’m too out-spoken. Too unsophisticated. Too American.
But maybe they’ll believe my playboy prince is trying to settle down and fulfill his duties.
If I can just make it through these crazy traditions in one piece.

My one consolation?
The Prince’s dashing, playboy looks. His hard, muscular body and panty-melting charm. That cocky grin and knowing gaze.
…not to mention his crown jewels.
Sure, princesses are meant to be virtuous and pure.
They don’t tempt or tease. They ignore that hot, princely charm.
And they definitely don’t saunter through the castle hallways or whisper naughty ideas in polite company.
But if I have to pretend for the summer?
I’m going to be a princess with benefits.

My Review:

My first Lara Swann book and it didn’t disappoint. It was nice to read a book that had more friends than immediate sex buddies. Derek is a dick at times since he wants nothing to do with his family obligations so that is just how he is. Hanna just wants to get the vacation she is promised for doing this favor for Derek. But while these two are doing the fake thing, real feelings start coming to light. Family members also start making their feelings known about these two. Loved this story. I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review.

51qh7IXr5lL._SY346_Title: Owned by the Soldier Prince
Author: Devon Birchley
Reading Source: HIDDEN GEMS/ARC
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About this Book:
Dead inside.
Royal Prince. Ex-soldier.

Fighting for my country, risking my life was the only thing that ever mattered to me.
But that all got destroyed. Now I’m back in my palace again. The most eligible bachelor of the entire Royal House. From ex-soldier to f*cking show pony.
My refuge? The scores of willing subs, ready to satisfy my every need.
Then I meet Blair:
Smart, beautiful, irreverent. And not from this world.
She makes me feel like a normal guy. She makes me come alive.
And when she submits, it’s the most f*cking beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
Then she discovers my secrets, and has no idea how much danger she’s in.
The only way to keep her safe is under lock and key. But she’s nobody’s pet.
Suddenly I want to shatter it all. To hell with what my family thinks, I’m going to make this cinderella mine.
And this time I’m not stopping until the battle’s won, and she’s princess of my castle.

My Review:

This is my first Devon Birchley book and I really liked it. It is hot and steamy with a really well-written story. If you have a chance to read this book differently do it! I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for Hidden Gems for my honest review.

Title: Envy
Author: Isabella Starling
Reading Source: ARC
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About this Book:

Let love kill you, babydoll.

I will never forgive my sister.
She took everything I deserved.
But now Charli’s gone, and I’m going to take her place.

Beau Wolfe wanted my sister, just like everyone else.
Taking him will be the ultimate revenge.

But Beau is a monster.
A scarred, sadistic and painfully obsessive billionaire.
And he’s not going to stop until he breaks me

My Review:

Another great book by Isabella. I don’t know what it is about dark romances and how Isabella writes but her books always get to me. I always feel the emotions she puts into these books and that is what makes a great book. Beau is a beautifully destroyed man and he knows what he wants in life. Lucy just happens to be there when he finds what he wants. Lucy is need of love, she feels as if nobody has ever loved her. So when certain things happen and she finds herself with Beau she finally feels at home.
I loved this book and everything in it. I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review.

Series: Lucas Brothers
Author: Jordan Marie
Book 1: The Perfect Stroke
Book 2: Raging Heart On
Book 3: Happy Trail
Reading Source on all three: ARC/PURCHASED
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Book 1: The Perfect Stroke
Book 2: Raging Heart On
Book 3: Happy Trail
Star Rating:
Book 1: The Perfect Stroke: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Book 2: Raging Heart On: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Book 3: Happy Trail: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

About Book 1:

Gray Lucas is everything I hate in a man.
Cocky, rich, entitled and a player.
He’s a pro athlete and his exploits are legendary—one of which was me.
We had a one-night-stand.
It was wild, passionate, exhilarating and a big mistake.
Except maybe it wasn’t.
Because the more time I spend with him and his crazy family, the more I want him to stay…
But men don’t stay…do they?

The moment I saw Claudia Cooper again, other women ceased to exist for me.
She’s smart-mouthed, tough-as-nails, and gorgeous. She’s perfect.
I’m the man for her, the only man for her. She just doesn’t know it yet.
I have a reputation for playing hard, fast and dirty.
Love ‘em and Leave ‘em.
What CC doesn’t know yet,
Is that I’m not playing. I’m claiming her.

Take a man who always gets what he wants,
A woman who has learned not to want,
A crazy mother and insane siblings…
And oh yeah add in a skunk just to make things interesting—
And you just might have The Perfect Stroke.

My Review:

I LOVED this book!! CC is such a great women character that you just want to be her. And Gray well he is just the kind of man that you just want to smack. But in the end he crawls into your heart and pulls your strings. CC on the other hand takes some more convincing.. Loved the story and can’t wait for the next one!!

About Book 2:

I’ve decided to have a baby.
The only problem?
I’m as single as they come.
So I jokingly make a list of possible baby daddies.
The problem?
My best friend White finds the list … and his name’s on top.
My panty-melting-hot, best buddy, White.
My football player, never-going-to-settle-down best friend.
He’s telling me he won’t let anyone else near me.
He’s out to prove he’s the only man for the job.
I should say no. The idea is crazy, right?
Except the things he does to my body leaves me begging for more.


My crazy best friend wants a baby.
Like hell I’m going to let her get knocked up by anyone but me.
Having a baby with my best friend is the last thing I ever thought I’d want.
But one taste of those sweet lips and I can’t think about wanting anything else.
She’s not sure I can commit.
But I’ll convince her I have exactly the tool she needs… even if her and I have to break a few beds to prove it.
She wants a baby? I want her everything.
And I’m going to be there every step of the way… with a raging heart on.

My Review:

I have so found my new book boyfriend in White. I so love this family. And so far White is my favorite. That man is just so hot and you just want to smack him sometimes. Men can be so dense sometimes, you really just want to smack them. This book was wonderful. Two people that have known each other for 15 years, Kayla has been in love with White for years, never showing or telling him. White being a man, never sees this and is blind by everything that is Kayla. Until White gets the phone call that Kayla is getting married so that she can have the family she always wanted.
I laughed, cried and just greatly enjoyed this book. This one will be added to my book collection. A MUST READ!

About Book 3:

I’ve loved Luka Fields my entire life.
He was my first crush, my first kiss, my first time, and my first heartbreak.
Love isn’t like in the movies, or the books you read.
It’s hard.
Sometimes you give up…
And regret it your entire life.


Petal was the love of my life.
Losing her nearly destroyed me.
I’ve tried to move on, but I can’t.

It’s time to get my woman back—and this time I’m keeping her.
Luckily as a sheriff I have handcuffs at my disposal.

A Lucas Brother’s standalone novel.

My Review:

I love Luka and Petals story. There was just something about these two and their love story. This story brought out so many emotions that it was sometimes hard to read. It also dealt with a lot of issues. I really enjoyed this book and was sad to see it end. Although I can’t wait to see who is next in this wonderful family!
I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review.