Romantic Suspense 2



Series: A Zeta Cartel
Author: AJ Adams
Book 1: The Bonus
Book 2: Songbird
Book 3: Dirty Dealings
Book 4: Dark Hunter
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Book 1: The Bonus
Book 2: Songbird
Book 3: Dirty Dealings
Book 4: Dark Hunter

About The Bonus:

Chloe is a seasoned drug courier who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Facing a lingering and painful death at the hands of the Zeta cartel, Mexico’s most brutal organized crime syndicate, she persuades their enforcer to claim her.

Ex-marine and dark ops expert Kyle Suarez is a chief enforcer for the Zeta cartel. Ruthlessly efficient, he is feared by his enemies. When he claims Chloe, he simply expects to enjoy a well-deserved and disposable bonus.

Has Chloe made a huge mistake, or will her choice prove her salvation – and his?

Warning: This bad boy dark romance contains explicit scenes of dubious consent, graphic violence, and sex. It is for adults only.



I am a huge fan of mafia and dark romance books, and this being my first AJ Adams book I always go in with a very open mind. So with that in mind, I gave this story a go and jumped right in having no idea where this story was going to take me. There is no backstory or really any names to go with, this is not your normal story. There is, however, a woman on an ice block hanging from a tree with a bunch of men around her hoping that either she will hang herself or the ice will melt so it does it for her. While two other men talk about other things.
This woman happens to become “the bonus” and so the story starts. This is a darker story with some BDSM involved. But does have a happy ending. I did enjoy this book and all that it entails and was so happy to go to the next book.

About Songbird:

When cartel boss Arturo Vazquez discovers his girlfriend Gina is a DEA rat and his deputy Escamilla is staging a take-over, Arturo fixes his problems by killing everyone – except for Solitaire, Escamilla’s unwilling mistress. Solitaire is intelligent, tough, and shares Arturo’s interest in BDSM. Arturo falls head over heels but someone is leaking information – and the evidence point at Solitaire.

Songbird is a complete and self-standing novel in the Zeta series. Warning: This bad boy dark romance contains explicit scenes of dubious consent, graphic violence and strong language. It is for adults only.


This book drops you right in the middle of a new story with the big boss Arturo Vazquez whom we met in the first story The Bonus. While Arturo is doing what he does best killing people he meets Solitaire, a woman so much like him it is scary. These two are wonderful characters and I devoured this story. Just to know you don’t have to read these stories in order and always make sure you read the warnings from the author!

About Dirty Dealings:

Quique is having a bad time. Back in Mexico, his marriage has fallen apart and his wife has made him a laughing stock by cheating on him. Now he’s in London and finding himself out of his depth with a complex commercial deal. To make things worse, Natalia Truelove, a chef, and pub manager, is blackmailing him. Quique is ready to commit murder and he’s pretty sure who his first victim will be.

Dirty Dealings is a self-standing and complete novel in the Zeta cartel series. Warning: This bad boy romance contains strong adult language and themes as well as graphic violence and fully depicted love scenes. It is for adults only.


This is another story that I LOVED. Quique is a lower man on the totem pole and his wife is a real skank. He has done everything he can to keep her happy but she just loves men. So we see all of this unfold. After he asks for a divorce from the family he is asked to go overseas to work out some issues for the family. There he meets Natalie. These two get on each other’s nerves and yet the chemistry is off the hook. What a great book to bring everyone together again!

About Dark Hunter:

Rip Marston is a merciless killing machine. After a decade of hunting his prey, Rip joins the Zetas. The job offers protection as he practices his dark arts, but the Cartel are wary of the monster in their midst.

Finding a badly beaten unconscious girl, Rip sees an opportunity. Posing as her saviour will please the cartel – and provide him with his very own helpless captive.

Isabella Maria Franco is beautiful, wilful and used to making hard choices. Having grown up in the comfortable but lethal embrace of the Gulf cartel, she rejected a life of violence. But when a dark presence from her past returns, her world falls apart.

Betrayed and beaten, she escapes, only to find herself in a living nightmare. Surrounded by her enemies, one man stands between her and death. Terrified by her sadistic captor, she has little choice but to submit.

But embracing his darkness leads to consequences neither anticipated.


I love this “family”, and by that, I mean everyone involved in the Zeta Cartel. Yes, these are darker romance and somewhat erotic but there are romance and intrigue involved also. And this 4th book brings that out. There is also something else to say about how this author writes, I have read all of these books in order but by means do you have to which is something you can rarely say.
This story is wonderful and a must read if you enjoy anything that I have mentioned in any of my reviews for these books! I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review.



Title: Little Liar (Used to be called She Asked for It)
Author: Willow Winters
Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

About Little Liar:

From USA Today bestselling author Willow Winters comes an emotionally gripping, standalone, romantic suspense.
I lied so much, I’d forgotten what the truth even was.
Who I was.
I think that’s why fate sent me Dean.
Every lie I told, he saw through it.
I think in his heart he knew I was broken; he felt my pain as if it was his.
He’s the one who makes me want to be better and stop hiding behind the pain of what happened.
But some lies are too much to bare.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve fallen in love or not.
Some lies are unforgivable.


So as always if you have read one of Willow’s books you know that it will rip you up and spit you out. This, of course, is another one of those books.
In this day and age with women coming out with the #metoo movement and men being outed like the dogs, they are this book might just be coming out just when something like this needs to be read. She Asked for It is nothing like I have ever read before. It is really empowering and the strength that it took to write it is just awesome. I had to put this book down in places just to take a breath due to some of the issues this book deals with. But that is only because I think I am sheltered. I admit it I am sheltered. If I was out in the “real” world and had to deal with men that treated women like this I wouldn’t be so damn surprised.
This book is beautifully written, and is a MUST READ. She didn’t ask for anything, but she sure as hell need to do it. And if more women did it, maybe men would be so afraid of us, they would think twice!
I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review


Title: Possessive
Author: Willow Winters
Star Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

About Possessive:

It was never love with Daniel and I never thought it would be.
It was only lust from a distance.
Unrequited love maybe.
He’s a man I could never have, for so many reasons.
That didn’t stop my heart from beating wildly when his eyes pierced through me.
It only slowed back down when he’d look away, making me feel so damn unworthy and reminding me that he would never be mine.
Years have passed and one look at him brings it all back.
But time changes everything.
There’s a heat in his eyes I recognize from so long ago, a tension between us I thought was one-sided.
“Tell me you want it.” His rough voice cuts through the night and I can’t resist.
That’s where my story really begins.


So this is Possessive by Willow Winters. I am a huge fan of hers, and her recent books have been on the darker side.
This story is a spin-off to ‘She Asked For It.’ So it still has a dark shade to it, but not to bad.
Daniel, we met briefly in ‘She Asked For It’ is part of a drug-dealing family. He has four other brothers and they are all very close. His youngest brother is dating Addison. Who Daniel is secretly in love with.
Addison is dating Tyler, but when she meets Daniel, she starts getting feelings for him. Addie starts practically living with the boys family because her foster family sucks. So that makes the feelings even harder to hide.
But what happens when one night something terrible happens and you blame yourself? Neither Addie or Daniel had any say in what happened, but their guilt still haunts them.
Like I said, this story isn’t as dark, but it is really good. Daniel has a lot of explaining to do. And Addie can decide how much her love for him means to her. Will love to conquer all of these two?
I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy for my honest review.
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